“Kill for the living, kill for the dead.”

– War-cry of the XVI

“What treachery might beget; oppertunity may yet reap.”

– Sallust the Elder, Remembrancer


I paint slowly.


I am also a complete flake. I imagine a project and rush out, pouring enthusiasm, time and money into it; then in a couple of months I have a handful of miniatures, half painted on the shelf and more on their sprues in boxes –  inside other boxes – cluttering the space beneath my painting desk and – to my wife’s chagrin – the entire corner of our living room.

I was resolved to break this habit with the Sons of Horus.

– A few Sons I just finished.

A playable, thematic and true-scale Heresy-era army, painted to a good standard is something I have dreamed about since first being introduced to true-scale Space Marines by Apologist’s blog introducing his incredible Heresy-era Ultramarines at least 10 years ago.

Given the extra time, patience and resources necessary for such an undertaking, I could not afford to run out of steam. If I set off on the rickety and uphill path of true-scale Space Marines, I was in it for the long haul.

So, reasonable, achievable monthly goals is the best way forward. In order to keep the imagination and enthusiasm burning bright, I shall keep record here of my progress and shall attempt to devote as much time and energy into a background for these mighty Astartes as I do the knife and paint-work that brings them to life on the tabletop. I have always believed that a miniature lives two lives, one frozen in place with dice falling around it, and another, within a living, breathing and grim-dark universe.

– A group shot so far.

Stay tuned for more and, please, leave your feedback. I am new to this blogging game and could use all the advice you have to offer.


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